Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's been awhile

Since I actually completed anything!
But, I realize that I have very few of my pages up, so, I'll go ahead and post something just to find something new, borrowed, and blue!
=0 )

Here is a sweet photo of my husband and my little girl taking a nap together. The bear is paper pieced with little black glass pieces for a nose, and a bow. He came up with the title...perfect for this page!
The background paper is actually two seperate sheets of Mind's Eye sliced up and pieced together to form the stiped background, and the mat is slices of the same two PP's inked and pieced to make a really neat photo mat.
Overall, I'm very happy with this piece! I think this might be the very first (and one of the few) pages that I did in the shabby shick style!!!
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monster Challenge

Okay, here are a few more photo's....hope these help!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wow, has life been moving fast, lately!

I've not had a whole lot of time to sit and craft. I guess I could be doing that right now, instead of blogging, but, well...putting things down here is nice, I think!
I do love how convenient it is to post photos now...I vaguely remmber the days when we had to take a photo, wait until the whole roll was used up, wait a few days while the photo's were printed, scan them, and then, finally, wait for the SLLOOOOOWWW process of the dial-up upload.
Now, I plug in my camera, and five minutes later, I'm posting it on my blog!
=0 0

That being said, I got a new pet!
It's totally awesome, and I can't wait to show it to the kids on Safari Sunday at my church!

Check him out:

He TOTALLY creeps me out, but I still think he's very cool! I handle him only using my loooooong foam tipped tweezers (same ones I use to feed my snakes while keeping my hands out of harms reach) and will likely NEVER touch him directly. But, despite the creep factor, I do think he's very cool.

And to be laundry woman again!!
(I thought I had a lot of laundry BEFORE baby!!!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Six little babies!

My short tailed opossum has babies!
Now, what's very cool about this is that she is a marsupial, so the young are born in an extremely dependant state-like a kangaroo.
The big difference with the STO, however, is that they are a POUCHLESS marsupial! Meaning that I can easily see and watch the developtment of these little cuties!
They are born about the size of a grain of rice, and will be about the size of a very small rat when fully grown. Currently they are about as big as the nail on my pinky finger. I finally got a photo...Mom doesn't really appreciate me exposing the babies, so I have to be careful, and very quick!
Anyway, here's the one very cute little photo of the little ones that I managed to get!

Life is so amazing...God really did give us such a wondrous variety of types of life. All around us are so many different methods of living, different forms and appearance of life. Such a beautiful world surrounds us. Every time I open my eyes and look around, I find new examples of how much God loves us. In every feather, every scale, every cephalothorax, leaf, blade of grass, and cloud, I see reaffirmation of the love that the creator has for us. Why else would He have made all of this for us. Why else would He have created so much around us with such beauty? The only real answer is taht He wanted us to be interested, to have something to explore, to live in, to create with.....Thank you, God, for all that is around us!

Oh, and, I just gotta post this photo of be-bop girlie girl!
On Kens birthday, we stuck one of the bows on little girls head, and the result was this most adorable photo!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AHHH!! It's a MONSTER! Challenge

Okay, here it is...I will be running this contest until October 31st....

PLEASE read ALL the rules before you post!
Rule #1: DO NOT post the identity of the creature in the comments! Please post that you have guessed it, and EMAIL me the identity at -- if someone posts what it is, it will ruin the guessing part!!

Now, I'll explain the challenge, and then give the rest of the rules!
=0 )

Challenge is to make a "Monster" layout. This can be halloween, it can be about someone's temper tantrums, it can be about how much your kid likes monster movies, it can be about how your spouse is a monster in the mornings, or a crazy animal at the zoo....whatever....the only catch is that it must contain a can be in the title, journaling, or an image.....

Have fun with this, and be creative!!

The second (mini) challenge is: Identify my monster...the one pictured in this post. Do so ONLY THROUGH AN EMAIL to and just leave a comment that you've ID'd it. I'll send some small blog candy (3 yards of fiber, 2 yards of satin ribbon, 2 yards of grosgrain ribbon) to the first five people to correctly identify the species and gender of it. An extra little something if you can tell me the very obvious fact about why it looks like it's albino...I'll post when all the blog candy is gone.


I'll post a photo tomorrow of the prize, and edit this line out of the post...I've run out of time for the evening!

Rule #2: Deadline is October 31st, unless I decide it needs to go longer.

Rule #3: Any type of project is acceptable...card, layout, altered art...just so long's it's scrapping or stamping related.

Rule #4: Be certain to give me a link of your posted work, so that I can grab it for this! If you don't do this, I won't be able to consider your work.
Rule #5: Original artwork, please...nothing that's been entered in fifteen other contests!

Rule #6: Have fun! And, be original and creative!

I wanted to do something a little dun, so, here it is! Happy Scrappin'!
=0 )


If you haven't joined.... is a really great's one of the most 'feel good', least gossipy sites I've been too...lots of RAK's, and great GREAT monthly swaps...a small community that means that, although the mssg boards move slowly, people actually see what you doesn't just get bumped down as soon as it's posted. So, people actually get to see what you've posted, and have an opportunity to post.

I'm proud to be a Fiskateer, and very proud to have gotten my scissors--oh--did I mention the scissors? You get a free limited editions pair of fiskars scissors engraved with your very own personal ID scissors...see my pics?!


But, don't just join for the scissors! The board has lots of opportunities for free prizes, fun, and some really nice, genuinely warm women there.....

=0 )

Just my 2 cents!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I just love the way this page came out. These flowers are pricey--but SO beautiful! They can add a really feminine and pretty touch to a page. They do tend to be a little hard to use, as they take up just so much room on a page, but they are often worth it to scrap.
As of yet, I am still a 'showcase' or two photos per page. I'm sure that'll change as I get more and more photo's to scrap, but not just yet! For now, I'll continue the one or two photo scrapping.
As for the journaling....
Three PM on Sunday afternoon
Church is over
Front door is locked
Entire family in their pajama's
Relaxing, spending time together
And above all...taking a nap with my DD.....
My Favorite!

And it really is...there is nothing more special than laying with/sleeping with my beautiful little girl! She is just precious!
=0 )

Friday, September 7, 2007

Easter Best

This is from the August club scrap.
The only things that weren't from that kit are the journalling stamp, and the flower and butterfly stamps I cut out for embellishment.
I absolutely love the way that this LO came out--it's our own little cabbage patch kid!!!
=0 )
The nice thing about scrapping with kits is that everything is pre-colour coordinated, which, i have to say, is probably the most complicated thing about scrapping. One of these days, I'll pick up a good quality scrappers colour wheel.
Isn't our girlie beautiful!?!!
Her and Daddy were playing earlier today, and she was just a laughin' away! Her laughter is perhaps the most beautiful sound in the whole world...every bit of laughter from her, makes me break out into rib aching laughter. She can truly brighten my day, even when I am having a rough one!
She is just so precious, and perfect! I wish she could stay this age forever!
=0 )

Thursday, September 6, 2007

This is the 'print directly onto your 12x12 LO trick'. It somewhat limits design options, as you have to have a straight line of embellishment stretching from one side to the other in order to cover where you cut the 12x12 sheet down, but it is a really nifty effect.

I played with text boxes and text direction and shading to make a wide variety of texts, directions, shapes, sizes, and colours. I think it came out beautifully, although a few of the words didn't photograph well at all.

The photo corners (Heidi Swapp), flowers (Prima?), and epoxy brad in the middle of the flowers (Making Memories), are from my secret sister on the fiskateers website--THANK YOU, SECRET SISTER--they're beautiful!!!

This is the first proffessional photo of our DD. A group came in, and did photos. Then, using the best scam ever, they send home a sheet of wallets, and 8x10, and 2 4x6's, and say "$10/sheet, return what you don't want!" Well, gee, who's going to look at a darling little face like that, and then NOT purchase the set!?!?? Like I said...great little scam!
=0 )

Anyway, I'm a total sucker for beautiful photo's (the more to scrap her with!), so we of course, bought all of these.

I think it's adorable, though...if you look closely at this photo, you can see her eyebrows all wrinkled up, and pink...she was totally crying just before they took this shot! Although a casual observer likely wouldn't notice...Mommys and Daddys see something like that instantly!!!
=0 )

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


When Ken's Grandma--Kennedy's great grandma was here recently, we all went down to the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards. Ken and I had never bothered before, because we didn't really think it would be anything particularly worthwhile.
We were wrong--it was a TON of fun!!
I still have to scrap most of it, as I tend to put off theme trips that will take up multiple pages. This is the first one to be scrapped from it, is DD and Daddy playing on the little mechanical horse. Just CUTE little photo's!
=0 )
I have matching ones of me and her that I'll scrap the next time. The paper came from a contest that I won on, and the title (little stainless steel 'buddies' charm) came from another that I won from a blog challenge at
It's so much fun to be able to participate in these challenges. Swaps are also lots of fun!
=0 )

Monday, September 3, 2007

Here is the finalized page. I really love the way that this came together. The colours are beautiful.


"Ken and I were so happy that you guys came so soon after Kennedy arrived. It was really nice to have two extra sets of arms to juggle the baby, and so nice to have help around the house. You were also both so didn't try to monopolize time with her, and totally respected our need to bond.

And the best thing of all was the deep love you both had for immediately. I loved watching both of you fall head over heels the first moment you laid eyes on her."

Oops! I've been a bad blogger!!!

I have been working hard on layouts, mommy'ing, and life! I'm excited to say, though, that although I've been absent from my posting, I have several beautiful new LO's to post, and will be getting them up over the next several days.
Today, I will post this are a few shots of some of the details on it. This is the first time I've stitched on a LO (I'm too lazy most of the time!)
I used the beautiful "Timeless Touches Fiber Friend" template for the stitching. It's beautiful, and I'm considering making a template or two of my own!
=0 )
I also got some new stamps...I was a little skeptical of them, but, aren't they beautiful?