Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Christmas Tag

I completed this Christmas tag for a challenge...y'know, I've been making tags for my pages for ages...and for some reason, I just never thought to myself..."I think I'll use one of these for a gift tag".....

How strange!

=0 )

Anyway, I used a paperclip for a moon, and I used little yellow raindots for the stars...LUV the way they came out! The trees are diecuts from four years ago, so I have no idea where they're from! And the tie is a random fiber I got from a pack on ebay. The tab at the top is a heidi grace one, and I punched a hole through it to string the fiber....

All in all, it is a simple tag, and won't win anything, I'm sure, but I was really happy w/ how it came out!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Spring Jewels

Each year, the new life of the flowers all around is enough to take ones breath away. I just adore the beautiful colours and the unusual shapes that they come in. The zoo is a great place to find photos of all kinds of unusual flowers.
On a scrappers note; don't you just LOVE the new raindots? I would like to have two or three packs of every size, shape, and colour, I think...I just adore how easy they are to use, and how versatile. You'll notice them in the centers of my flowers, here, and all over a lot of my other pages, as well. I just finished a really cute tag that I'll post tomorrow, using raindots as stars!
=0 )
The prima flowers are also beautiful, although pricey. When I first started adding flowers to my pages, I couldn't imagine paying the extra for prima vs. just taking apart I understand. The look is just SO much nicer! Not that I don't still use silks on occasion, I just prefer the mulberry flowers.
The rub-ons (Spring Jewels and line of flowers on the metal) are bo-bunny. These go on like silk compared to the cheaper brands! Note the metal embellishment at the bottom; this is actually a left-over piece from putting together a piece of ikea furniture (oops??....). I simply added a rub-on, and I think it turned out beautifully.

Friday, August 3, 2007

People can be so ugly sometimes

I work in customer service, and I have for years.
It NEVER ceases to amaze me exactly how ugle people can be to each other. Or how manipulative, how sleezy, or hw uncaring about the damage they can do to another person, or a business.
I have had a cat food cans thrown at my head, bags of fish thrown down onto the bagging cart, big bags of cat food spiked at the ground and burst open, water poured over my head, arguments made due to the fact that I wouldn't reurn all the money for, as an example, someone trying to return a dog harness of which all they had left was the metal O ring (their dog had eaten the rest), people yell at my associates meanly enough to make them cry, and that's barely the tip of the iceberg.

I've had the first official complaint about my customer service skills in my new job, and it was unfair, and uncalled for. She complained that I was very slow--which I was--it was the first time I'd ever scheduled anyone, but to be fair to me, I very politely explained that I was still very new to it, and that I could do it, but I would be a little slow. Otherwise, she was welcome to wait for the person who does the scheduling, or we could call her back....
That was just one of the many unfair things that she complained about, and all of them were similarly unfair.
I didn't get in trouble for it...but I certainly could have!
Oh well!!

Just complaining!

=0 )