Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The one about the little elvin girl

Paper: Bobunny, Daisy D's. Rub-ons: MAMBI. Die-cut letters: Cricut. Journaling Genie: Chatter-Box.

Every once in awhile, it's fun to take a photograph that's not in normal orientation. Now, it can be a little more difficult to scrap, but it leads to a little more variety when someone is flipping through your scrapbook.
Somthing to note about this one: notice that the direction she's facing is in to the layout...this draws the eye into the journalling, as it's natural for the eye to follow the gaze of the main subject. As often as possible, you should try to place your photographs looking into, rather than out of, your page.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The one about a sick child

Well, we have had our first real run in with true baby girl illness. She began to run a fever on Thursday, it continued through Friday, and finally we brought her in to the office on Saturday to get looked at, as it got all the way up to 104 degrees, and just wasn't coming down! Doctor confirmed our suspicion of an ear infection...double ear infection, actually. Poor little girl! So, now this is ear infection number three, and we're going to have to watch an see how many more she gets....we might have to consider some alternate options for allergy control, as the allergies seem to be the root of these ear infections. She has the same allergies as myself...nasty post nasal drip that irritates, and causes cough and discomfort. Only difference is that while I can be put on loratidine, flonase, astelin, mucinex, benadryl, zyrtec, and singulair, individually or all at once as needed, she's stuck basically with just one weak little allergy med....poor little girl! As she turns a year, though, she'll have some more options, and hopefully we'll be able to get rid of some of these ear infections she's been struggling with!
=0 )
In the meantime, though, it doesn't make it any better helping her with her pain and discomfort...not to mention the fright of those awful high fevers. It's so very hard to be completely helpless to fix her. I'm not looking forward to when she has some of the other illnesses that include vomiting and other symptoms...this all by itself was plenty nerve wracking!
Not to mention that I can't leave work to be with her--a big reason to be really serious about saving up to be a stay at home mommy!!

On a side note, I got my new glasses in from the lab...what fun they are! Kinda crazy looking, and just a whole lot of fun!
=0 )
That's it for now, just a quick note about the helplessness I've felt the past several days. And the relief of leaning in and feeling a nice, cool forehead!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The one about cleaning up

I have spent several days lately cleaning and organizing my scrap space...I spent some of my husbands annual bonus (not too much, but a little bit!) on storage for my scrap area...now just to figure out how to keep my daughter out of it! She thinks (of course) that it's great fun to open the drawers and pull things out. At least she hasn't figured out how to open the paint bottles yet!!
Anyway, cleaning, as always, has led to a creative 'splurt' (no, not a real word, but, a favorite, despite that fact!)
=0 ) Here a few of my somewhat recent pages....(my most recent haven't even been photographed,yet!)

Look at those three beautiful girls! Can you tell how proud Auntie and Grandma are? (and who wouldn't be with a girlie like that!) Now, this is one of those cases of "if you don't like the chipboard, change it!" Originally, it was a very cute orange and blue, but, it wouldn't match the layout at all. So, two layers of acrylic paint, and away we go!!! If the finish is too glossy to paint on, then take your files or sandpaper to it, and then paint away!

I am happy to announce that she now enjoys swinging much more! The way the journalling strips are designed is to indicate the movement of the swing.....

Look at that big girly grin! This is a very ultra simple page...PP in the background, a stip of the cloud 9 chocolate chalet paper, a journalling block, title, and three pictures, pretty much! The dragonfly is nice, b/c it's made from the PP....very simple way to ground a couple of different elements together. The BG paper is a little busier than I normally use, but in this case, with the heavy cluster of photo's right in the center, it helps offset the busyness of the paper.
Just a nice simple page, made to play with my new cricut....look at the purple lacing on the bright pink CS....amazing how delicate it can cut!!