Friday, October 3, 2008

My pattern....

So, obviously my pattern is generally that I'm a fairly good blogger for a month or two, then a terrible blogger for a month or two (ie: I DON'T).
Oh with it!!!
No, seriously, sometimes, I have to step back from my computer and stop letting it consume hours of each evening. It can become hard for me to put it down, and when it does, I put it down, deliberately, for awhile!

Anyway, one thing I've been doing a lot of lately is writing. So, a quick "here I am again!" post of a poem that I wrote recently!.....

The Tree

Did you watch it grow?The tree that they cut down
And broke you on?

Did you watch the seed
Land upon fertile soil?
Was it you that chose
The precise location?

Did you water the seed daily
With rain, and morning dew
And watch it sprout first green?

Did you protect it from cattle
And children, in a busy place?
Or did you place it away,
Where it could grow unbothered?

Did you grow it tall
And strong
Or did you keep it small
And twisted in sadness?

Did you think
Long and hard
About what was to come
From this simple little tree?

Did you watch
As it was hewn from the ground
And hauled away, and know
Even as the lumbermen did not
Where it would go?
Did you cry a tear on the day
That it showed up
At its final resting place?

Did you think,
As you carried it from the city
Upon a torn and broken body
Of the beautiful thing it once was?

Did you think
Of this beautiful thing
You had created
Turned to a thing of darkness and evil
Of suffering and pain
Of death?

Did you scream
When they hammered the first nail
Into your wrist?
Or the second?

Did you cry
When they hoisted the broken tree
Into the air
And dropped it into a hole?

Did you weep
When the people laughed
Or when your mother cried?

Did you long for death
So you could return to your Father
So you could break the veil
So you could lead the way?

Did you plant the tree?

Did you do all of this for me?