Sunday, June 15, 2008

The one about...well...more...uh....pages.....

Ohkay, so, I'm guilty! I realize now that I forgot to blog about the outcome of our visit to the ENT...well, there was mildly significant hearing loss, so the decision was made to put in tubes. We had them done really quickly, and indeed, had tubes while we were in Puerto Rico. Awesome for the flights!!

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We go in for our follow up tomorrow, so, pray that all is well for her!
She really does seem to be hearing and feeling much's actually kind of amazing how much more vocalizing she now does!

And, the surgery went really well. Since she's such an incredibly social and curious little girl, it was decided that she didn't need the 'silly juice' to make her more calm before the surgery, which was nice, b/c once she woke up, she wasn't really woozy or lethargic. Of course, she wanted to eat before and after the surgery, but couldn't, so she was a little cranky, but I think that she did extremely well for such a little girl, not understanding anything about what was going on! And talk about grateful! Here we were for tubes...a little scary, but super routine and easy surgery with virtually no side effects, and while we're waiting, all nervous and praying for her, we here other people who are there for biopsies to see if there is cancer, and a little girl whose intestines aren't working right is there for exploratory surgery, and etc. much worse, to be waiting on literally life and death results? Scary scary! So, we prayed for those kids and their family's, as well.

Anyway, here are a few more pages, just b/c I've gotta get these posted sometime!!

If you're looking for a slightly unusual technique to use on your photos, try printing onto textured white or ivory cardstock. You can due B&W or colour, but if you're doing colour, I'd fade it out a little bit. You can then take a bone folder, and rub a little of the ink off, and let the texture shine through. Makes for a really neat effect. This is a page about having no regrets, and being pleased with where and what my life is right now. Paper is Basic Grey. Couldn't stand to cover those moths, so I cut them our and slid the photo under the cut out areas.

Kennedy is OBSESSED with the remote. Here is a photo series of her after it from across the room. The numbers and arrows are from a couple different sets/colours of chipboard, that I painted with acrylic paint to make them match my LO better. Paper is GORGEOUS and is from Kaiser LSS Kim's Scrap and Crop just started carrying some...this stuff was a give-away for NSD...but their paper is absolutely AWESOME!!!!

Basic grey paper, four different flower from prima, bazzil, and random other places--silk, paper, felt, and fabric...lots of texture, and a jewel brad for a center. Paper is basic grey. Title made with cricut design studio. No journalling on this page (unusual for me) but, really, it's just Kennedy at her toy box.

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