Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The One about the Word Book

Y'know, I'm not even a HUGE Friends fan...and yet, I still like their titling method....I think it's cute...so there!

=0 )
Anyway, this past week, I got myself a very cool new toy! It's called a "Bind-it-all" and...well...it binds things. Gives them a beautiful very professional looking binding on ANYTHING that you want.

Even before that, I got a different new toy--cricut design studio. This lets you meld shapes and letters together, and, using 'multi-cut' even cut chipboard. Pretty awesome stuff that you can do with it!
So, put the two together, and you get...word books!!! Very cool! Here are some photo's of the first word book I put together...now I just have to decorate it!!

I chose 'beauty'. in 6x12 size, I can do anything up to 7 letters. If I make them shorter, I can do higher numbers of letters.

Here's the page between "E" and "A"...you can see how nice that binding looks.

Another look at the bind-it-all binding.

And even closer look...this machine can punch through chipboard, cardstock, even acrylic, up to 3 mm thick.

One more pic of the whole thing...it's a "beauty", eh?
Haha...I'm so funny...(no, not really!!)


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