Monday, April 28, 2008

The one about the ENT

Well, back from the ENT today, and we have decided that tubes are the best option now. She was experiencing reduced hearing accuity, and she was also infected in both ears once again. Good news is, we got in before we go to Puerto Rico, which is great! No worries about flying with her now! The whole experience was actually really comfortable (though Kennedy didn't really seem to think so). It was a couple looks in her ears, then a test where they made sounds and if she looked toward them, she was rewarded by a toy that 'danced' and lit up all pretty for her. Kind of a neat little experience. At this point, the decision is we either wait and see what happens with her ears and risk some permanent hearing loss--been there, done that--or we have the tubes put in. The risks associated with the surgery are virtually none and she'll feel better, hear better, and be healthier because of them. We're actually kind of excited to have it done. Then maybe she can be the really healthy little girl that we know is in there!The surgery itself should take 5-10 minutes, recovery from the general anesthesia should take about a half hour, then we can take her home, and by that afternoon, she is supposed to be back to her old self. And what I hear from other parents who had kids who had tubes put in, it's like their children are a whole new human being--happier and better sleepers and etc. And, if Kennedy gets happier and to be a better sleeper, and etc....well, then she'll be about perfect, I think!!!=0 )

In the meantime, here are a few photo's of my girlie.....

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Outside of Babes in Sanger. What you don't know is that she got SO angry earlier in the day about wearing a dress that was keeping her from crawling well that she threw up all over it in the car on the way to church, and she's wearing a random jacket and jeans that were so small they don't even button up. She sure doesn't look like a baby who was just that angry, does she? She has worn that dress since, BTW, now that she can's a gorgeous little orange number that Grandma got her with a big orange flower on the front that poofs out super cutely and sways around as she wobbles about.

First day in her new 'big girl' carseat. I think that a little bit of carsickness from the sudden switch to forward facing is actually what caused the vomit episode spoken of earlier.
Makin' faces at Babes in Sanger...she's so cute!!!

Many evenings, we let her feed herself, as we feel it's important she have opportunities to do things for herself. I even let her pick her outfits for daycare already. I think some days she actually understands what she's doing. In any event, here is our little Blee (her nickname) COVERED in dinner....and what a great look on her face...."What have I done?!?"

All clean after her bath that same day.....this is how we really know it's bedtime...she tells us in no uncertain terms that she's done being awake. At this point, we change her diaper, put her in her pyjama's, give her a bottle of milk (the only time she gets a bottle anymore...usually she gets a sippy, but at night, we give her one bottle) lay her down, and within five minutes, she's gone for the night. I LOVE that our daughter goes to bed so well!! It wasn't for lack of work, either....there were many nights of sitting in there, talking to her, singing, telling her it was okay, etc....but, she's finally got it!!
=0 )


At May 5, 2008 at 7:30 PM , Blogger Missy said...

love the picture of her and dinner. "soylent green is people?! NOW you tell me!" lol

missy ;)

At June 11, 2008 at 5:19 AM , Blogger Scrap Fairy said...

My DD had those tubes done and did wonderfully. I could tell a difference immediately. She never noticed the background music before of shows like Blues Clues. And that same day she was really picking up on it. DD had hers done over a year ago and no problems! Good Luck!!

At June 11, 2008 at 7:27 PM , Blogger ashli kay wolf said...

my son had tubes and then tubes again and the remarkable difference it has made for him!!! wonder if we have ever been at BABE's together and never knew it :) the by..i am on a yahoo group with ya.. talk to ya your word book! xoxo.


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