Thursday, April 17, 2008

The one about the napless girl....

So, our little blee is not typically a big cuddler. She tends to be quite independent and likes to hug/cuddle for a moment here, or a couple short moments there.
She just isn't into being held...turns into squirmy blee and wants down down down!
But, today daycare informed me that she didn't nap, nor did she eat weel (she has four teeth breaking skin!) and I brough her home...she actually sat in my lap and even cuddled a little bit for over an hour!!
It was rather sweet!
=0 )
So, I've decided that I will keep her home tomorrow--not take her to daycare. We do, after all, need our quality time together!!!
=0 )
I think I will even take her to just a few garage sells tomorrow!!
=0 )



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