Saturday, March 8, 2008

The one about the birthday

Kennedy's first birthday has officially come and gone! What an amazing little girl we have. Some of her amazing little milestones....
She officially signs for 'please' (usually when she wants into her sit and spin, etc.), she signs for 'bottle' and she signs for 'bed'. Pretty amazing little girlie!!
She's crawling on all fours, and pulling up.
She points at things she wants or is interested in.
She says "Yaiya! (Kaiya)" "Dada" "Daddy" "Hi (and waves when someone comes in or says hi to her)" "Mmmmm (when she eats something she likes)"
She likes food. Any of it. Especially fond of tomatoes and veggies and ham and anything Mommy or Daddy are eating.
Is transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup.
Can put her own pacifier back in when she's sleeping!
Can blow kisses.
Hugs her stuffed toys and people.
Puts her big plastic coins in her piggy bank.
Can now puch the little balls into the giraffe's mouth (she's been trying for months!)
She's pulling up (and getting into everything!)
Goes to sleep when we put her to bed right away every night.
And so many other things.

I am about to be a stay at home Mommy! (Very very last day at work is March 28th). That is VERY exciting!!! =0 )

Kennedy was lucky enough to get a white birthday! Craziness to get 7" of snow on March 6th in Texas, but it happened! Very suddenly, too....took me almost two hours to make a drive that normally takes 20 minutes....yuck! But, what a beautiful day once we were home!!! Kennedy was NOT interested in the snow! Still too young.

For Kennedy's birthday, we gave her a cake to go crazy on.

The next night, we had a small party with a couple of our closest friends at Cici's pizza (a cheap pizza buffet). What a ton of fun!! I truly do miss getting together with everyone. Something I'm hoping to do more of once I'm a stay at home Mommy!
And finally, today, we took her to Build-a-Bear, and she picked out a stuffy for herself. That was a remarkable amount of fun!!


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