Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's been awhile!

Well, I switched to a new laptop, leaving all of photo's on my former computer!

But, here I am, back again!

=0 )

Here is a wonderful LO of my husband with our daughter...the photo's are a little old.

..I believe she was about four months when they were taken, but I created the LO just recently. The journalling strips say

Watching you love her

Makes me believe in magic.

I believe in the magic of fatherhood.

The magic of playtime.

The magic of childhood.

The magic of absolute trust.

The magic of your devotion to her.

The magic of a gift from God.

The magic of transformation.

It makes my heart glad.

The background paper and the vellum the journalling is on are both sparkly, as is the ribbon slide, and of course the gems set all around the title. I just wish the colours had come out truer, but, you get the idea!!


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