Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vacation Day 1: Travel and top level of MOA

Has it ever been a long long day!
It's only 8:30, and we're already tuckered out!

We got up at about 3:45 this morning, showered, finished packing, and headed out. I have to say that I was very surprised by how many people were on the road this early!

The airport went well--although we were totally unprepared for security! It was a small debacle, but not too bad...
Once through security, we had time to use the restroom, find out gate, get a little iced coffee, and play pokemon for a few minutes.

We got on the plane, and were very lucky--the stewardess had a woman who had three seats to herself switch with us, so that the three of us had three seats. That was really really nice!
And we were SOOOO proud of DD!! She was well behaved, quiet, and friendly. She only fussed a few times, and not for long at any point. She slept for about forty minutes, which was nice, and didn't even get fussy at take-off or landing. Better than the other baby on the flight...poor thing didn't have much fun, and spent pretty much the whole flight crying. I was surprised by how well the sound of the plane covered up the sound of the baby's crying, though.

Once here, we stopped off at super target and picked up a few things, then on the hotel. We got all settled here, and then hopped over to the mall of america.....
So far, we've managed to complete just the top level our of three!
We had a lot of fun!!!

I got to stop off at archivers, and pick up a few odds and ends that I just can't get back home...I only wish that I had more room nd (lots) more money!!! was a lot of fun anyway....I was able to get some new rain dots colours, lots of paper that I can't get anywhere else, the bobunny flex ruler (woo!!), and some great rub-ons. Not a huge haul for what I spent, but all stuff that just isn't available at home.

We also played a round of mini-golf at 'moose mountain' in the mall...a great view of the park in the middle, and a lot of fun. Very cute decorating, and a un, not overly challenging course. Of course, the final score really doesn't count, as we just had lots of fun restarting the holes several times until we got the shots we wanted. DD slept the whole time, until the very end...she would have kept sleeping, except that we woke her near the end in order to get some super cute photo's.

We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. which was very yummy! We had a nice view of the middle of the park, and the amusement rides.

Then for driving around for an hour, trying to find an ATM so that we could get out some money for pizza...finally found one...only to arrive back at the hotel and discover one at the desk. When we finally did order one, we discovered we could charge it to the room! Ack! Oh well...we got to see a kinda neat area of the country we wouldn't otherwise have seen. The pizza was yummy...thin crust, and we just ate it all slob like on the bed, with all of our junk spread all over the fun fun!! The kinda thing you really only get to do on vacation!

DD got to swim for the first time, and splashed and splashed and had a blast! Up until, that is, she got too cold. Then Daddy took her back up the the room while I finished up my swim...swam a dozen or so lengths. (Work off some of the soon-to-be-eaten pizza!) I then got lost trying to get back to the room. *sigh*...I'm so hopeless!!
=0 )

Last thing for the night for our little DD was a comfy kicked back sleep in her crib...she was just so tuckered out after all the fun events of the day! And that's only the beginning for her, even!

We shall see what tomorrow brings!

PS: A few photo's will follow when I get a cable to connect my camera!! (I forgot it at home....)


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