Thursday, September 6, 2007

This is the 'print directly onto your 12x12 LO trick'. It somewhat limits design options, as you have to have a straight line of embellishment stretching from one side to the other in order to cover where you cut the 12x12 sheet down, but it is a really nifty effect.

I played with text boxes and text direction and shading to make a wide variety of texts, directions, shapes, sizes, and colours. I think it came out beautifully, although a few of the words didn't photograph well at all.

The photo corners (Heidi Swapp), flowers (Prima?), and epoxy brad in the middle of the flowers (Making Memories), are from my secret sister on the fiskateers website--THANK YOU, SECRET SISTER--they're beautiful!!!

This is the first proffessional photo of our DD. A group came in, and did photos. Then, using the best scam ever, they send home a sheet of wallets, and 8x10, and 2 4x6's, and say "$10/sheet, return what you don't want!" Well, gee, who's going to look at a darling little face like that, and then NOT purchase the set!?!?? Like I said...great little scam!
=0 )

Anyway, I'm a total sucker for beautiful photo's (the more to scrap her with!), so we of course, bought all of these.

I think it's adorable, though...if you look closely at this photo, you can see her eyebrows all wrinkled up, and pink...she was totally crying just before they took this shot! Although a casual observer likely wouldn't notice...Mommys and Daddys see something like that instantly!!!
=0 )


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