Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Spring Jewels

Each year, the new life of the flowers all around is enough to take ones breath away. I just adore the beautiful colours and the unusual shapes that they come in. The zoo is a great place to find photos of all kinds of unusual flowers.
On a scrappers note; don't you just LOVE the new raindots? I would like to have two or three packs of every size, shape, and colour, I think...I just adore how easy they are to use, and how versatile. You'll notice them in the centers of my flowers, here, and all over a lot of my other pages, as well. I just finished a really cute tag that I'll post tomorrow, using raindots as stars!
=0 )
The prima flowers are also beautiful, although pricey. When I first started adding flowers to my pages, I couldn't imagine paying the extra for prima vs. just taking apart silks...now I understand. The look is just SO much nicer! Not that I don't still use silks on occasion, I just prefer the mulberry flowers.
The rub-ons (Spring Jewels and line of flowers on the metal) are bo-bunny. These go on like silk compared to the cheaper brands! Note the metal embellishment at the bottom; this is actually a left-over piece from putting together a piece of ikea furniture (oops??....). I simply added a rub-on, and I think it turned out beautifully.


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