Friday, September 14, 2007

I just love the way this page came out. These flowers are pricey--but SO beautiful! They can add a really feminine and pretty touch to a page. They do tend to be a little hard to use, as they take up just so much room on a page, but they are often worth it to scrap.
As of yet, I am still a 'showcase' or two photos per page. I'm sure that'll change as I get more and more photo's to scrap, but not just yet! For now, I'll continue the one or two photo scrapping.
As for the journaling....
Three PM on Sunday afternoon
Church is over
Front door is locked
Entire family in their pajama's
Relaxing, spending time together
And above all...taking a nap with my DD.....
My Favorite!

And it really is...there is nothing more special than laying with/sleeping with my beautiful little girl! She is just precious!
=0 )


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